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    Android Tapp 01/2012:
    “WeatherPro is breathtakingly detailed and comprehensive.”

    AndroidPit 07/2011:
    "Now that’s some impressive precision!"

    Weatherpro for Android - AndroidPit 07/2011 02/2011:
    "Weather Pro answers the question - what's the best Android Weather app?"

  • Locations and Favourites

    WeatherPro for Android - Locations and Favourites

    WeatherPro has forecast data for over two million locations worldwide, including cities and points of interest. The location tab enables you to search for locations and save them as favourites.

    To search for a location, simply type the name of the city or point of interest into the search field and press search. Click on your selected location to be taken to the weather forecast view.

    To save a location to your list of favourites, click on the star to the right of the place name. The location will be added to the end of the list. Your favourites will be displayed every time you open the Locations tab.

    In addition to the two million cities available in WeatherPro’s locations database, you can also search for over 800,000 points of interest. This allows you to search for places such as mountains (eg search “Mount Everest”) or islands (eg: search “Virgin Islands”).

    WeatherPro can also locate you if you are using your Android in a country that supports GPS localisation. To use this function, simply click on the icon that looks like a target in the upper right corner. This will bring up a list of all available weather stations near your location and you can of course save these as favourites.

    Due to popular demand, we have taken the location feature a step further and have introduced a new favourite setting called “My Location”.  If “My Location” is selected, WeatherPro will automatically locate you and will show you the weather (including radar and widgets) for your current location.

    WeatherPro for Android - Netatmo

    Connect to your Personal Weather Stations: We have teamed up with Netatmo, the developers of the first ever Personal Weather Station to work in conjunction with an app. Netatmo Weather Stations come with indoor and outdoor sensors which monitor weather and air quality, measuring temperature, CO2 concentration, noise pollution, humidity and more.

    Netatmo Weather Stations are available worldwide and you can access information from all of your personal weather stations - there is no limit, if you own 10 then you can access 10! Visit Favourites on WeatherPro to login to your Netatmo account or discover more about Netamo Weather Stations at


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