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    Press review:

    Nominated for iOS App of the Year!

    Nominated for iOS App of the Year!

    MacLife 10/2010:
    WeatherPro for iPad is recommended by MacLife.

    WeatherPro for iPad - MacLife 10/2010

    iPad Welt 04/2010:
    WeatherPro for iPad is one of the "Coolest iPad Apps".

    WeatherPro for iPad - iPad Welt 04/2010
  • WeatherPro Premium

    WeatherPro Premium is available as an in-app purchase on a subscription basis.

    In addition to all the features found on the standard WeatherPro app, subscribers to WeatherPro Premium also benefit from the following:

    WeatherPro for iPad - Premium
    • Hourly forecasts for the next 14 days
    • Increased number of satellite and radar images
    • “Precipitation type radar”
    • Radar forecast


    Premium: Hourly Forecasts

    The hourly forecasts are only available for European locations.
    Hourly forecasts are particularly valuable in the short-term and, for many people, less than hourly updates just won’t do.

    Premium: 14-day Forecasts

    Not only have we expanded the frequency of our forecast data, we have also extended the forecast period to 14 days for European locations. This is ideal for planning ahead.

    Premium: “Precipitation-type” Radar

    WeatherPro for iPad - “Precipitation-type” Radar

    As the name suggests, “precipitation-type” radar shows, not only the intensity of the precipitation, but also the type – ie: rain, snow, sleet or freezing rain.  This is undoubtedly one of the highlights of WeatherPro Premium!

    Premium users can simply click on the radar icon in the top right corner of the radar screen to switch to precipitation-type radar. Here you will be able to distinguish between rain (blue), snow (red), sleet (grey) or freezing rain (purple) on the radar pictures. The deeper the colour, the more intense the precipitation.

    Precipitation-type radar is available in the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Luxemburg, Spain (exc. The Canary Islands) and Switzerland.  It is not currently available in the US.

    Premium: Radar Forecast

    In addition to the latest radar images, as shown in the standard version of WeatherPro, Premium subscribers can also get forecast radar images!

    The WeatherPro radar is updated every 15 minutes and shows the last recorded images (helping you track the direction the precipitation is moving in) as well as forecast images.

    To get the best possible precipitation forecast, we recommend looking at the weather forecast, which provides details on the probability and amount of precipitation, in conjunction with the radar.

    Premium: Extra radar and satellite images

    Following user requests, WeatherPro Premium offers extra radar and satellite images. The Premium version can show up to 40 pictures (as opposed to 15 in the standard version). This function requires a lot of bandwidth and memory and therefore it’s only available to Premium users.

    Premium: Advanced weather maps

    WeatherPro for iPad - Advanced weather maps

    WeatherPro for iPad 2.6 introduces stunning, high resolution maps with multiple layers of advanced weather data for Premium users. Content includes precipitation type radar in Europe showing the difference between rain, freezing rain, snow and so on, plus radar forecasts using MeteoGroup’s in-house professional forecasting technique. Satellite images both visible and infrared, air pressure, heat maps and cloud cover forecasts can all be viewed on the Premium weather maps.

    Visit the Weather Maps page for more information.

    Premium: “More” features

    WeatherPro for iPad - “More” features

    Click on “More” for additional features, including some which are exclusive to Premium:






    Premium: Beach Weather

    WeatherPro for iPad - Beach Weather

    In addition to European Beach Weather provided as a standard feature in WeatherPro for iPad, Premium users also benefit from water temperature maps for the Mediterranean, Caribbean and other popular holiday destinations plus a UV Index feature – essential when spending time in the sun.

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