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    Nominated for iOS App of the Year!

    Nominated for iOS App of the Year!

    MacLife 10/2010:
    WeatherPro for iPad is recommended by MacLife.

    WeatherPro for iPad - MacLife 10/2010

    iPad Welt 04/2010:
    WeatherPro for iPad is one of the "Coolest iPad Apps".

    WeatherPro for iPad - iPad Welt 04/2010
  • WeatherPro for iPad 3.0

    Connect to your Personal Weather Stations: We have teamed up with Netatmo, the developers of the first ever Personal Weather Station to work in conjunction with an app. Netatmo Weather Stations come with indoor and outdoor sensors which monitor weather and air quality, measuring temperature, CO2 concentration, noise pollution, humidity and more.

    Netatmo Weather Stations are available worldwide and you can access information from all of your personal weather stations - there is no limit, if you own 10 then you can access 10! Visit Favourites on WeatherPro to login to your Netatmo account or discover more about Netamo Weather Stations at

    Plus: Following user feedback, the location you currently have selected will be highlighted if it is in your favourites list and we have made some small bug fixes and optimizations for iOS 6 and 7 including 64 bit support.

    WeatherPro for iPad 3.0

    WeatherPro for iPad 2.9

    To coincide with the launch of iOS 7, MeteoGroup has released the latest version of WeatherPro. In line with the new guidelines from Apple, WeatherPro has been optimised to make the most of the brand new iOS functionality. With an iOS 7 optimised interface users will be thrilled with this design – available the moment you update to iOS 7!

    We’re also delighted to announce that, at long last, we are able to introduce radar images for Australia and Austria. Finally, we have fixed a bug which was causing the app to crash when opening the radar.


    WeatherPro for iPad 2.8

    • Connect to MeteoEarth! For absolute convenience, we’ve linked WeatherPro to our brand new app MeteoEarth so that you can switch between the two at the touch of a button. MeteoEarth uses high-end gaming technology never before used in a weather app to show live and forecast weather on a stunning 3D, interactive globe. Download MeteoEarth to move seamlessly from WeatherPro’s weather maps to the exact same location and zoom level on MeteoEarth’s 3D map.
    • Our new worldwide weather alerts just got better. In the latest release we’ve given you flexibility to set the warnings yourself. You can now choose to see all warnings, no warnings, level 2 and 3 warnings, or level 3 warnings only.
    • We’ve made some bug fixes, thanks for the feedback.
    Download MeteoEarth for iPad!

    WeatherPro for iPad 2.7

    • Worldwide alerts and warning levels for extreme weather (push notifications coming soon!)
    • New symbol set for a fresh look and feel.
    • Icon badge in the “More” section lets you know when there’s a new weather story available.
    WeatherPro for iPad 2.7

    WeatherPro for iPad 2.6

    To coincide with the launch of iPad 3, MeteoGroup has released the latest version of WeatherPro for iPad with brand new weather maps.

    WeatherPro for iPad 2.6 introduces stunning, high resolution maps with interactive weather icons and city temperatures. Advanced weather data on the maps including worldwide satellite, air pressure and forecast rain radar is available via the in-app subscription service. These advanced features further widen the gap between the weather data offered by many weather apps on the market and the professional quality and content available on WeatherPro and WeatherPro Premium.

    The high resolution maps vastly improves the design and usability of both the global weather overview and the detailed country or regional weather information. The extra granularity enables the user to zoom in closer to get a more accurate reading of the local weather. With temperatures and weather icons available at the tap of a button, this new feature is great for an instant summary of weather around the globe.

    Premium subscribers can access multiple layers of advanced weather information on the high resolution maps.  Content includes precipitation type radar in Europe showing the difference between rain, freezing rain, snow and so on, plus radar forecasts using MeteoGroup’s in-house professional forecasting technique.  Worldwide satellite images both visible and infrared, air pressure, heat maps and cloud cover forecasts can all be viewed on the Premium weather maps.

    WeatherPro for iPad 2.6

    WeatherPro for iPad 2.5

    In time for the launch of iOS 5, WeatherPro for iPad 2.5 makes the most of the very latest iOS developments.

    iCloud sychronisation for favourites! Available in time for the launch of iOS 5, WeatherPro is excited to be using the very latest in iOS developments to introduce iCloud synchronisation for favourites on WeatherPro for iPhone and WeatherPro for iPad.*

    Increased radar support - One of the best-loved features of WeatherPro is the animated radar which is available for the US and much of Europe.  New in WeatherPro for iPad 2.5 is weather radar for Luxemburg.

    800,000 Points of Interest - In addition to over two million cities already available in WeatherPro’s global database, we’ve now added 800,000 points of interest! Points of interest include locations such as islands and mountains to make searching for a specific point on the globe even easier.

    Map-based search – On the odd occasion when you can’t find the location you’re looking for by entering the name, you can now use the interactive map-based search.

    Bug fixes – We continually strive to improve WeatherPro and wouldn’t dream of releasing an update without first fixing any known bugs.

    *iCloud synchronisation for favourites on WeatherPro for iPad and WeatherPro for iPhone is available on devices which support iOS 5. The feature will be enabled only after the device has been updated to iOS 5.


    WeatherPro for iPad 2.1

    Social media comes to WeatherPro for iPad!

    In this latest update to WeatherPro for iPad, we’re excited to introduce social media functionality. You can now share the latest weather observations for your selected locations with friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter.

    WeatherPro for iPad - Release 2.1

    With European summer holidays just around the corner, WeatherPro for iPad recently added Beach Weather, providing you with a map of water temperatures in Europe. In addition to European Beach Weather provided as a standard feature in WeatherPro for iPad, Premium users also benefit from water temperature maps for the Mediterranean, Caribbean and other popular holiday destinations plus a UV Index feature – essential when spending time in the sun.

    The radar view has a new feature in Version 2.1 with users now able to overlay city names and borders if they choose. Minor bugs have been fixed, content display optimised and layout improvements made. For example, following user feedback, you now have the option to hide the search/favourites toolbar when in portrait mode (and in landscape mode if you have Premium).

    WeatherPro for iPad 2.0

    Version 2.0 of WeatherPro for iPad, Europe's leading paid-for weather app for iPad includes lots of exciting new features PLUS the launch of a Premium subscription!
    Amongst the new features included on WeatherPro Premium, subscribers will receive hourly forecasts for the next two weeks – essential for those who like to plan ahead. For short term planning, Premium subscribers will also have access to radar forecasts so you never need to get caught out by the rain again. Two major highlights of the Premium service, are precipitation-type radar and ski weather.

    • WeatherPro for iPad - Release 2.0

    Precipitation-type radar allows you to see not only where there is precipitation (as with standard radar) but also whether it’s snow, rain, hail, freezing rain or rain/snow mix and even how intense it is. The different elements are easy to identify on colour-coded, animated maps.

    Winter sports fans will find WeatherPro invaluable with its comprehensive weather forecasts for many ski areas across Europe. The weather in the mountains varies so greatly that forecasting for just one altitude can be misleading, therefore WeatherPro provides two forecasts: on the slopes and in the valley.

    Please click here for full details of the Premium features.

    In addition to the Premium features, the latest update introduces a whole range of new features for all users including isobar maps and weather news posted by MeteoGroup's forecasters. Stories range from extreme weather events to interesting weather facts and monthly round-ups.


    WeatherPro for iPad - Release 1.0

    Many users have asked us if and when we will bring out an iPad version of WeatherPro. With version 1.0 of WeatherPro for iPad we are pleased to announce our first version for the magic iPad device. This new version of WeatherPro features

    • a revamped weather forecast screen with quick favourite selection
    • favourites dashboard with real-time current weather
    • high-res weather radar for the UK, USA, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Scandinavia, Spain and Switzerland as well as satellite pictures for Europe, America, Africa and Asia
    • Up to fifteen images can be downloaded and animated with full zoom and pan functionality

    There will be no premium area in version 1.0 of WeatherPro for iPad. The Premium content will be made available with version 2.0 as we have several expansions and enhancements planned for the premium iPad version.

    WeatherPro for iPhone users who have an account and who have registered their devices are able to use the premium content at no extra costs on WeatherPro for iPad with a little trick. Check the FAQ for WeatherPro for iPad for more information.

    WeatherPro for iPad - Release 1.0
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