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    Press review:

    Foray Motor Group: WeatherPro Free is one of the "best Apps to use in your Ford Vehicle"

    WeatherPro Free - Foray Motor Group 02/2016

    Nominated for iOS App of the Year!

    Nominated for iOS App of the Year!

    iPhone App Directory 01/2011:
    "Detailed and accurate…an indispensable tool”

    WeatherPro for iPhone - iPhone App Directory 01/2011

    iPad Welt 04/2010:
    WeatherPro for iPad is one of the "Coolest iPad Apps".

    WeatherPro for iPad - iPad Welt 04/2010

    Macworld 07/2009:
    "All the weather forecasts you could ever need in one stylish iPhone app"


  • WeatherPro for iPhone 4.0

      • Widget: WeatherPro now offers a widget including observation data such as temperature, wind and more (iOS 8)!
      • Windtheme: Sailors, surfers and aviators will be blown away by WeatherPro’s new premium feature! Windtheme helps users find the optimum wind conditions, by changing the entire interface of WeatherPro to show a central focus on wind data.
      • Webcams: View the weather nearby on live webcams with WeatherPro’s new webcam support! In cooperation with
      • New fly-in menu: Offers quick access to windtheme, webcams, Weather Photo and additional info
      • Direct connection between WeatherPro and our severe weather app AlertsPro!

    WeatherPro for iPhone 3.9

    MeteoGroup has rebranded!

    The origins of MeteoGroup, the company behind WeatherPro, date back to 1986 with the founding of one of the world's first private weather companies in the Netherlands. Over the past 28 years MeteoGroup has grown into a leading full-service weather business with 400 employees and operations around the globe. To celebrate the company as it is today, we are excited to launch our new brand.
    Find out more about MeteoGroup at

    Also new in WeatherPro for iPhone 3.9:


      • Premium subscribers can now customise the forecast screen to include a preview tile of any one of the weather maps. It’s also now possible to choose multiple layers and list them in order of priority. For example, if precipitation radar is in first position but there is no radar in your current location, WeatherPro will automatically switch to the second choice which might be temperature etc.
      • Europe-Radar now covers Spain and Scandinavia; and there have also been several small bug fixes and optimisations.


    WeatherPro for iPhone 3.8



      Making the most of the exciting iOS 7 multitasking functionality, we’re pleased to introduce weather to the lockscreen. You can now check the current weather conditions without even unlocking your phone (Premium)!

      We have made some small bug fixes and further optimised WeatherPro for iOS 6 and 7 including 64 bit support and we have added the parallax effect to the app settings so that you can choose to have it turned on or off.

    WeatherPro for iPhone 3.7

    • WeatherPro users benefit from the very latest developments from Apple!

      To coincide with the launch of iOS 7 and the iPhone 5S and 5C, MeteoGroup has released the latest version of WeatherPro. In line with the new guidelines from Apple, WeatherPro has been optimised to make the most of the brand new iOS functionality. With an iOS 7 optimised interface, including the stunning parallax effect and multitasking functionality which updates the weather data before the app is even opened, users will be thrilled with this design – available the moment you update to iOS 7!

    WeatherPro for iPhone 3.3

      • Create and share your own personalised weather photos! Click on the camera icon within WeatherPro to open the view finder.  Scroll through the display options for the current weather information which will be overlaid on your photo and drag your chosen display to anywhere on the screen for a completely personalised design. Simply point and shoot then share your photo on email or social media directly from WeatherPro or via your saved photos.
      • Connect to MULTIPLE Personal Weather Stations: At launch it was only possible to connect to a single weather station but now you can connect to as many as you have in your account!
      • We’re also delighted to announce that at long last we are able to introduce radar images for Australia and Austria!

    WeatherPro for iPhone 3.2

    Connect to MeteoEarth! For absolute convenience, we’ve linked WeatherPro to our brand new app MeteoEarth so that you can switch between the two at the touch of a button. MeteoEarth uses high-end gaming technology never before used in a weather app to show live and forecast weather on a stunning 3D, interactive globe. Download MeteoEarth to move seamlessly from WeatherPro’s weather maps to the exact same location and zoom level on MeteoEarth’s 3D map.

    Download MeteoEarth for iPhone!

    • WeatherPro for iPhone - Release 3.2
    • Connect to your Personal Weather Station: MeteoGroup has teamed up with Netatmo, the developers of the first ever Personal Weather Station to work in conjunction with an app. The Netatmo Weather Station comes with indoor and outdoor sensors which monitor weather and air quality, measuring CO2 concentration, noise pollution, humidity and more.

      Netatmo Weather Stations are available worldwide and you can now access the information from your own personal sensors using WeatherPro. Visit Favourites on WeatherPro for iPhone 3.2 to login to your Netatmo account or discover more about Netamo Weather Stations.

    WeatherPro for iPhone 3.1

    Our new worldwide weather alerts just got better. In the latest release we’ve given you flexibility to set the warnings yourself. You can now choose to see all warnings, no warnings, level 2 and 3 warnings, or level 3 warnings only.

    We’ve made some bug fixes, thanks for the feedback.


    WeatherPro for iPhone 3.0

    In this major update, WeatherPro for iPhone 3.0 introduces tonnes of new features and, as always, this is an absolutely free release for all WeatherPro for iPhone owners!



      • Worldwide alerts and warning levels for extreme weather
      • New forecast information including dynamic short-term forecast for instant overview
      • “My location” automatically adds your current location to your favourites list
      • Stunning high resolution weather maps
      • Advanced features on the high resolution maps for Premium subscribers including radar and satellite, precipitation type radar and temperature maps
      • Temperature and weather icons added to your favourites list




    WeatherPro for iPhone 2.5

    In time for the launch of iOS 5, WeatherPro for iPhone 2.5 makes the most of the very latest iOS developments.

    iCloud sychronisation for favourites! Available in time for the launch of iOS 5, WeatherPro is excited to be using the very latest in iOS developments to introduce iCloud synchronisation for favourites on WeatherPro for iPhone and WeatherPro for iPad.*

    Increased radar support - One of the best-loved features of WeatherPro is the animated radar which is available for the US and much of Europe.  New in WeatherPro for iPhone 2.5 is weather radar for Luxemburg.

    Bug fixes – We continually strive to improve WeatherPro and wouldn’t dream of releasing an update without first fixing any known bugs.

    *iCloud synchronisation for favourites on WeatherPro for iPad and WeatherPro for iPhone is available on devices which support iOS 5. The feature will be enabled only after the device has been updated to iOS 5.


    WeatherPro for iPhone 2.4.1

    Update due to customer feedback

    Following the recent release of WeatherPro for iPhone 2.4, we received customer feedback letting us know that you didn’t like the “pull down to share” feature.  Thanks to this insight we have moved the option to share the weather on Twitter and Facebook into “More>Share” and we have introduced “pull to refresh” instead.

    We have also taken this opportunity to fix some bugs and to add new weather forecast model data… skipping over the technical details, this basically means that our forecasts are now even more accurate!

    Thank you to everyone who sent us feedback and we hope you continue to enjoy using WeatherPro.

    WeatherPro for iPhone - Release 2.4


    Following the popularity of the new features recently introduced to WeatherPro for iPad, MeteoGroup is pleased to release WeatherPro for iPhone 2.4 just a few weeks later. A favourite new feature amongst iPad users is the social media functionality which means you can share the weather at any time, for any place. Whether you want to boast about the temperature, warn your friends about the rain or simply provide an update, WeatherPro for iPhone is all you need.

    WeatherPro for iPhone - Release 2.4


    Another recently added feature is Beach Weather – available for Europe for all WeatherPro for iPhone users.  Premium subscribers also benefit from UV Index and water temperature maps for the Mediterranean, Caribbean and other popular holiday destinations.
    Minor bugs have also been fixed.









    WeatherPro for iPhone 2.3

    Version 2.3 of WeatherPro for iPhone, Europe's leading paid-for weather app for iPhone includes lots of exciting new features!

    All WeatherPro users will benefit from the addition of global points of interest on the map, weather reports and weather news. Simply click "More" when you are in the app to find the following new additions.

    WeatherPro for iPhone - Release 2.3 - More


    The summarised weather report (map and short written text) is updated around the clock with both the current weather and the forecast for the next day.

    MeteoGroup's forecasters regularly post interesting weather news - stories ranging from extreme weather events to interesting weather facts and monthly round-ups.

    In addition to the two million city locations already available on WeatherPro, you can now also search for 800,000 points of interest, like "Snowdon" or "Virgin Islands".




    Premium: Ski Weather

    WeatherPro for iPhone - Release 2.3 - Ski Weather


    For winter sports fans: With just one click you will see a comprehensive weather forecast (on the slopes or in the valley) for many ski areas across Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Italy.

    Premium users also have access to a daily video clip showing wind conditions across Europe.









    WeatherPro for iPhone 2.1

    With version 2.1 of WeatherPro we have integrated many wishes and suggestions from our users:

    • Navigate between favourite locations with a simple swipe.
    • You have several iPhones/iPod Touches? Our new multi-device registration allows for an easy transfer of your premium subscription to your other devices.
    • Charts are again available in portrait mode as well as landscape mode. They are also loading much faster and have an improved time zone management.
    • The city search has been tweaked and is now more effective.
    • Shaking the iPhone/iPod will check for new data, and a load bar will show if loading is in process.
    • Online help is now available; pressing the ‘questions mark’ button will show helpful information about each current page (yes, we know, it’s a little difficult to hit, but we haven’t found a better place for it yet).
    • In the WeatherPro settings there is a new news&info section as well as our Twitter feed which will keep you up todate with WeatherPro status updates.
    • The radar player now saves the latest radar settings, the play button in particular and the UI in general have been improved.
    • Follow us on Twitter for more information about future versions of WeatherPro.


    WeatherPro for iPhone 2.0

    WeatherPro for iPhone - Release 2.0 - Function Overview
    • WeatherPro for iPhone - Release 2.0 - Premium



    • Largest update so far for WeatherPro.
    • Introduction of an optional premium service permitting additional, more detailed information for Europe.









    Minimal Re-Design

    • Slight changes in colour scheme to make the content more easily read, especially under bright conditions.
    • More distinct buttons, increasing the likelihood of hitting the mark.










    • Clear distinction between two possibilities for expanding data (central dividing line)
    • left arrow: more information for that day split into the night and the day.
    • right arrow: detailed, 3-hourly data
    • WeatherPro for iPhone - Release 2.0 - City Search


    Google Maps simplifies the city search

    WeatherPro has two million searchable places in its database. Nevertheless, for the odd occasion where a place cannot be found by entering the name, the user can search using our new map function.

    The placing of a pin on the map allows the user to confirm the place sought and the nearest weather stations available.










    Just a click on the star which appears adds the place to your favourites and changes the colour of the pin to red.












    Clicking the “i”-Button provides detailed information for that location, as well as the nearest weather suitable station.


    • WeatherPro for iPhone - Release 2.0 - Radar & Satellite

    Satellite and radar images are now available in landscape mode.






    Simply tilting the device is sufficient to activate this mode.

    WeatherPro for iPhone - Release 2.0 - Charts

    Improvements to Charts

    Charts are now easier to read: they take up a greater proportion of the screen and the axis wording is much clearer. Also the key is much easier to understand (available when clicking „i“). Use a vertical swipe to switch between all 6 charts.


    WeatherPro for iPhone 1.5

    WeatherPro for iPhone - Release 1.5

    • added Radar for Ireland
    • iPhone OS3.0 Compatibility issues resolved
    • small bugs fixed

    WeatherPro for iPhone 1.4

    WeatherPro for iPhone - Release 1.4

    • added polish and danish localisation
    • added UV-index on daily overview
    • changed "windchill" to "Feels like/ Comfort temperature"
    • added one touch quick switch for favorites
    • added one touch local time information for new search results in the header
    • faster server communication and better internal data handling
    • improved satellite pictures for regions outside of a motherland (aka colonies)


    WeatherPro for iPhone 1.3

    WeatherPro for iPhone - Release 1.3


    • added swedish localisation
    • improved north american data density & quality
    • fixed a time zone bug for users with a negative UTC Offset
    • improved 'add to favorites' button

    WeatherPro for iPhone 1.2

    WeatherPro for iPhone - Release 1.2

    • added french, italian and russian localisations
    • updated spanish localisation
    • added a little location indicator on the maps
    • added radar for scandinavia
    • fixed a possible crash when localizing with no network coverage

    WeatherPro for iPhone 1.1

    WeatherPro for iPhone - Release 1.1


    • new Logo and added dutch and spanish localisation
    • added Weather Charts for a quick overview of a location
    • fixed satellite player behavior
    • fixed various small screen issues
    • simplified the favorites list for quicker access
    • added notification if no Network connection is available
    • fixed potential crash in specific data conditions
    • added satellite support for most of the world
    • added many more US locations


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