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    Vincitore del Test Migliori App per la Meteorologia di Computer Bild ITALIA

    WeatherPro - Computer Bild ITALIA 09/2011

    MacLife di Ott 2010:
    WeatherPro per iPad è raccomandato da MacLife.

    WeatherPro per iPad - MacLife 10/2010

    iPad Welt di Apr 2010:
    WeatherPro per iPad è una delle "più belle App per iPad".

    WeatherPro per iPad - iPad Welt 04/2010
  • Start Screen

    WeatherPro for iPad - start screen

    The forecast view is the first screen you'll see when opening WeatherPro. Berlin is the default location, but later it will start with the last location you were looking at. Above the city name (with time of the latest observation) you'll see a weather icon and, with one click on the symbol, a short written description. Next to it you'll find detailed weather data including temperature, wind direction and wind speed. Don’t forget: this is observed weather – not forecast!

    Next to  the observed weather data, you have a dynamic short-term forecast. This brand new feature gives you an immediate overview of the forecast for the next 18 hours, broken down into easy-to-read 6 hour intervals. You can choose to switch between the dynamic short-term forecast and a small radar image (if available for that region) showing the latest rainfall. Premium subscribers can customise the new radar tile to preview any of the weather maps.

    WeatherPro for iPad - forecast overview

    Just below the city name you will see the weather forecast for the next 7 days (or 14 days if you subscribe to Premium). The forecast is clearly presented with weather symbols, temperature, wind speed and direction and on charts - ideal for an instant overview of the week ahead. You drill deeper by clicking on a specific date. This brings up the 3-hourly forecast (or hourly for Premium users) for the day and you can even click on a time to get even more detail. Returning to the charts, you can scroll down for additional information such as sunshine duration and pressure.

    You can even share the latest observations for your selected location on Twitter and Facebook. Simply click on the Share icon in the top right of the toolbar.



    WeatherPro for iPad - Alerts

    If extreme weather such as high winds, heavy rain or low/high temperatures is forecast in the next three days, you will see an alert symbol on your forecast screen.
    Simply click on the alert symbol to reveal the details of the warning. An easy to read graph shows you the level of the warning (yellow = low, orange = medium, red = high) for the next 3 days and you can click further to a full explanation.

    With this prominent alert symbol you’ll never be caught out but we want to take this one step further to ensure you always have plenty of warning. In the latest release, you can now choose to see all warnings, no warnings, level 2 and 3 warnings, or level 3 warnings only.


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