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    Press review:

    Nominated for iOS App of the Year!

    Nominated for iOS App of the Year!

    MacLife 10/2010:
    WeatherPro for iPad is recommended by MacLife.

    WeatherPro for iPad - MacLife 10/2010

    iPad Welt 04/2010:
    WeatherPro for iPad is one of the "Coolest iPad Apps".

    WeatherPro for iPad - iPad Welt 04/2010
  • WeatherPro for iPad 3.1

    MeteoGroup has rebranded!

    The origins of MeteoGroup, the company behind WeatherPro, date back to 1986 with the founding of one of the world's first private weather companies in the Netherlands. Over the past 28 years MeteoGroup has grown into a leading full-service weather business with 400 employees and operations around the globe. To celebrate the company as it is today, we are excited to launch our new brand.
    Find out more about MeteoGroup at

    Also new in WeatherPro for iPad 3.1:

    WeatherPro for iPad 3.1
    • Added to the forecast screen are a dynamic 18 hour forecast and radar preview tile (satellite view if radar unavailable). Premium subscribers can customise the new radar tile to preview any of the weather maps.
    • The Premium option also has a brief weather overview on the lockscreen which is automatically refreshed – ‘Notification Center’ must be enabled in app settings and app must run in the background. May be slight delay before data is initially displayed.
    • Europe-Radar covers Spain and Scandinavia. Various other bug fixes and improvements include, following user feedback, highlighting current selected locations in the favourites list.

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