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    Press review:

    Android Tapp 01/2012:
    “WeatherPro is breathtakingly detailed and comprehensive.”

    AndroidPit 07/2011:
    "Now that’s some impressive precision!"

    Weatherpro for Android - AndroidPit 07/2011 02/2011:
    "Weather Pro answers the question - what's the best Android Weather app?"

  • High resolution map engine

    With WeatherPro’s high resolution weather maps, you get stunning graphics and granularity. We recommend a fast Wifi connection when using the high resolution maps. If you’re out and about with a slow internet connection then you can always switch temporarily to the low resolution radar and satellite.

    When you first open the maps you will have a global view with city temperatures and weather icons. You can scroll from side to side by dragging the map with your finger and zoom in by tapping the map or pinching it with two fingers. Tap on any city name to add/remove the weather icon and temperature.

    Connect to MeteoEarth! In the latest release, we’ve linked WeatherPro to our brand new app MeteoEarth so that you can switch between the two at the touch of a button. MeteoEarth uses high-end gaming technology never before used in a weather app to show live and forecast weather on a stunning 3D, interactive globe. Download MeteoEarth to move seamlessly from WeatherPro’s weather maps to the exact same location and zoom level on MeteoEarth’s 3D map. Click here for full details about MeteoEarth.



    In the toolbar at the top you will find various useful icons:

    • Tap on the yellow icon to add/remove the city names from the map.
    • Tap on the arrow to activate GPS and zoom directly to your current location.
    • Tap on the globe to see available regions (only available for Premium layers)
    WeatherPro for Android - Temperature

    In the toolbar at the bottom you will find the timeline. This varies according to the layer you currently have selected. If the timeline is available then you can choose to play/pause the animation or you can manually scroll through at any speed you like.  Some layers (precipitation type radar, radar and temperature) are colour coded and the key can be accessed by tapping on the information button in the lower toolbar.

    On the right hand side you will see the “Layers” toolbar. Only Premium users can access the advanced weather information on the various layers. To hide the toolbar and view the map on the full screen, tap the icon in the top left corner of the Layers toolbar.


    Layers - Premium

    Premium subscribers can access multiple layers of advanced weather information on the maps. Tap on the different icons or headings to switch between the layers.

    WeatherPro for Android - Radar



    Precipitation type radar – Shows the type of precipitation; rain is depicted in blue tones, sleet is yellow, snow is grey, hail is purple and freezing rain is shown in red tones. Available for most of Europe.

    Radar – Shows where there is precipitation (rain, snow, hail etc). Light blue indicates weak precipitation whereas dark blue tones show higher intensities. Forecast radar is available for most of Europe, standard radar is also available for the US.



    WeatherPro for Android - Satellite


    – Infrared satellite images help build a temperature profile; the whiter the images, the lower the temperature. Available worldwide.

    HR Visible - “High resolution visible” satellite shows black and white images,  reflecting the area of the visible solar radiation. Note: This is only visible in the daytime! Available for Europe.

    Temperature – 3-hourly temperature forecast for the next 2 days.  Available worldwide.

    WeatherPro for Android - Cloud & Precipitation



    Cloud and precipitation
    – 3-hourly cloud cover and precipitation forecasts for the next 2 days.  Available worldwide.

    Air pressure – 3-hourly forecasts for air pressure for the next 2 days.  Available worldwide.

    Lightning – Lightning data for the last four hours in 15 minutes intervals. Each interval shows lightning strikes from the last 15 minutes.  

    For extra meteorological information on any of these layers, click on the information buttons next to the headings.


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