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    Press review:

    Android Tapp 01/2012:
    “WeatherPro is breathtakingly detailed and comprehensive.”

    AndroidPit 07/2011:
    "Now that’s some impressive precision!"

    Weatherpro for Android - AndroidPit 07/2011 02/2011:
    "Weather Pro answers the question - what's the best Android Weather app?"

  • Share the weather!

    WeatherPro for Android - Weather Photo



    Create and share your own personalised weather photos! Click on the camera icon within WeatherPro to open the view finder. Scroll through the display options for the current weather information which will be overlaid on your photo and drag your chosen display to anywhere on the screen for a completely personalised design. Simply point and shoot then share your photo on email or social media directly from WeatherPro or via your saved photos.



    The WeatherPro Widgets

    WeatherPro for Android - WeatherPro Widgets

    WeatherPro for Android has included widgets for some time now but, in the latest update, we are pleased to offer new and improved widgets!

    Everyone wants to be able to customise their homescreen so, to ensure our widgets fit perfectly with your chosen background, our new widgets are now fully customizable. Following user feedback, you can now choose your own colour, transparency, location, gradient and use the live wallpaper as background.

    You can choose your own size widget but of course the smaller the widget, the less data it will show. We’ve also introduced a new widget for your lock screen which shows the latest weather conditions.

    Please note that widgets must be installed on the internal memory. This is really important as, if you install them on the external memory, WeatherPro will crash. The flexible widget requires Android 4.1 and the lock-screen widget requires Android 4.2.

    Live Wallpaper

    WeatherPro for Android - Live Wallpaper


    Without even opening WeatherPro, you will instantly have an indication of the current weather with WeatherPro Live Wallpaper! Simply activate the Live Wallpaper and your background will automatically update with images that represent the current weather for your selected location.

    The "More"-Button

    WeatherPro for Android - "More"-Button


    Additional features and system settings can be accessed by clicking on "More":

    • Weather Forecast
    • Weather News
    • Isobar Charts
    • Windstream Animation (Premium)
    • Ski Weather (Premium)
    • Beach Weather for Europe (plus additional locations on Premium)




    WeatherPro for Android - Personal Settings


    The settings screen enables you to personalise your set-up and offers additional information.

    You can select your weather units for temperature, wind, pressure and precipitation. Note: The wind arrow points in the direction the wind is blowing in (not the direction it’s coming from).

    The Help & Information section provides information about the latest release.

    In Subscription & Account, you can check your Premium Status and register your account (we strongly advise that you do this). If you do not have a Premium subscription, you can choose to show or hide the Premium features in More / Settings / Subscription & Account.


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