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    Android Tapp 01/2012:
    “WeatherPro is breathtakingly detailed and comprehensive.”

    AndroidPit 07/2011:
    "Now that’s some impressive precision!"

    Weatherpro for Android - AndroidPit 07/2011 02/2011:
    "Weather Pro answers the question - what's the best Android Weather app?"

  • WeatherPro for Android 3.4

    MeteoGroup has rebranded!

    The origins of MeteoGroup, the company behind WeatherPro, date back to 1986 with the founding of one of the world's first private weather companies in the Netherlands. Over the past 28 years MeteoGroup has grown into a leading full-service weather business with 400 employees and operations around the globe. To celebrate the company as it is today, we are excited to launch our new brand.
    Find out more about MeteoGroup at

    Also new in WeatherPro for Android 3.4:

    • Worldwide alerts customisable to show levels 2 and 3, level 3 only or no warnings.
    • Moon phases now included on weather symbols; Europe-Radar covers Spain and Scandinavia; and there have been small bug fixes and optimisations.


    WeatherPro for Android 3.3

    WeatherPro for Android - Release 3.3

    Create and share your own personalised weather photos! Click on the camera icon within WeatherPro to open the view finder. Scroll through the display options for the current weather information which will be overlaid on your photo and drag your chosen display to anywhere on the screen for a completely personalised design. Simply point and shoot then share your photo on email or social media directly from WeatherPro or via your saved photos.

    Connect to multiple Personal Weather Stations: We have teamed up with Netatmo, the developers of the first ever Personal Weather Station to work in conjunction with an app. Netatmo Weather Stations come with indoor and outdoor sensors which monitor weather and air quality, measuring temperature, CO2 concentration, noise pollution, humidity and more. Netatmo Weather Stations are available worldwide and you can access information from all of your personal weather stations - there is no limit, if you own 10 then you can access 10! Visit Favourites on WeatherPro to login to your Netatmo account or discover more about Netamo Weather Stations at

    WeatherPro for Android - Release 3.3

    Flexible widgets: Our new widgets are now fully customizable. Following user feedback, you can now choose your own colour, transparency, location, gradient and use the live wallpaper as background. You can choose your own size widget but of course the smaller the widget, the less data it will show (requires Android 4.1). We’ve also introduced a new widget for your lock screen which shows the latest weather conditions (requires Android 4.2).

    Plus: Following user feedback we have optimised the design (radar tile) and added the option to sort your favourites and the charts. We have also made some small bug fixes.


    WeatherPro for Android 3.0

    WeatherPro for Android - Release 3.0


    • WeatherPro 3.0 for Android brings with it an improved interface as we introduce new weather symbols.
    • We have added new forecast information including a dynamic short-term forecast for instant overview and, if your device has integrated weather sensors, WeatherPro will display the data on the forecast screen, giving you hyperlocal weather wherever you are.
    • In this release we have also introduced radar images for Australia and done some small bug fixes.


    WeatherPro for Android 2.5/3.0 (HD)

    Connect to MeteoEarth! For absolute convenience, we’ve linked WeatherPro to our brand new app MeteoEarth so that you can switch between the two at the touch of a button. MeteoEarth uses high-end gaming technology never before used in a weather app to show live and forecast weather on a stunning 3D, interactive globe. Download MeteoEarth to move seamlessly from WeatherPro’s weather maps to the exact same location and zoom level on MeteoEarth’s 3D map.

    Download MeteoEarth for Android!


    WeatherPro for Android - Release 2.5

    WeatherPro for Android 2.5 introduces stunning, high resolution maps with interactive weather icons and city temperatures. Advanced weather data on the maps including worldwide satellite, air pressure and forecast rain radar is available via the in-app subscription service. These advanced features further widen the gap between the weather data offered by many weather apps on the market and the professional quality and content available on WeatherPro and WeatherPro Premium.

    The high resolution maps vastly improve the design and usability of both the global weather overview and the detailed country or regional weather information. The extra granularity enables the user to zoom in closer to get a more accurate reading of the local weather. With temperatures and weather icons available at the tap of a button, this new feature is great for an instant summary of weather around the globe.

    Premium subscribers can access multiple layers of advanced weather information on the high resolution maps. Content includes precipitation type radar in Europe showing the difference between rain, freezing rain, snow and so on, plus radar forecasts using MeteoGroup’s in-house professional forecasting technique. Worldwide satellite images both visible and infrared, air pressure, heat maps and cloud cover forecasts can all be viewed on the Premium weather maps.

    Please note that the original radar and satellite features are still available for all use!!!


    WeatherPro HD for Android 2.3

    WeatherPro for Android - Release 2.3
    • Worldwide weather alerts for the next three days.
    • PREMIUM: weather alerts on the homescreen widgets and in the notification bar.
    • New transparent widgets, additional formats and new clock and weather widget designs.
    • Automatically shows your current location on radar and satellite.
    • Improvements for Android 4.0 devices based on design guidelines from Google including switch to standard Android menu bar and a new favourites list design.
    • Design/interface improvements
    • Bug fixes


    WeatherPro for Android 2.2

    WeatherPro for Android - Release 2.2



    • New transparent widgets, additional formats and new clock and weather widget designs.
    • Automatically shows your current location on radar and satellite.
    • Improvements for Android 4.0 devices based on design guidelines from Google including switch to standard Android menu bar and a new favourites list design.
    • Bug fixes and minor improvements.

    WeatherPro for Android 2.1

    WeathrPro for Android - Release 2.1

    We are excited to introduce “My Location” – a new feature developed due to popular demand from our loyal WeatherPro customers. When out and about, at home or abroad, our customers have told us that they would like WeatherPro to automatically update to their current location without having to select a new city or even using the GPS tool. We thought this was a great idea and so we’ve developed just that!

    “My Location” is a new option within your favourites settings. If selected, WeatherPro will automatically locate you and will show you the weather (including radar and widgets) for your current location. Of course you can easily override this by selecting another favourite location.

    In Version 2.0 we launched a brand new Premium service. Premium is available as an optional in-app subscription and is packed full of additional forecast information and features. However, we also understand that if you don’t wish to subscribe to Premium then it can be a little irritating to see these features but not be able to access them so, in Version 2.1 we have introduced an option to hide Premium features. We’ve also fixed a few bugs!

    WeatherPro for Android 2.0

    WeatherPro for Android - Release 2.0

    With this latest upgrade, we are delighted to introduce a brand new PREMIUM service which is packed full of additional forecast information and features.

    • Hourly forecasts
    • 14 day forecasts
    • Precipitation-type radar
    • Forecast radar
    • Ski Weather
    • Beach Weather
    • 40 images for radar and satellite
    • Wind conditions

    WeatherPro for Android 1.6

    WeatherPro for Android - Release 1.6


    • Live Wallpaper is a great new feature, introduced by popular demand. Activate WeatherPro Live Wallpaper and your background image will automatically update in line with the latest weather.
    • In addition to the 7 languages already available, WeatherPro for Android is now also in Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Polish and Russian.
    • In Version 1.6, we have optimised the widgets and done some important bug fixes.
    • Plus, WeatherPro HD for Android has been launched – check out our brand new app optimised for your Tablet!

    WeatherPro for Android 1.5

    Version 1.5 of WeatherPro for Android sees a total overhaul of the app, optimising it for the new Android frameworks and technologies. WeatherPro for Android 1.5 is therefore more stable and faster and also includes a number of new features and improvements:

    • WeatherPro for Android - Release 1.5


    • Easy to read graphs provide an ideal overview of the changing weather for the coming days – ideal for long-term planning.
    • No matter where you are you can quickly get the weather for your current location using GPS.
    • 800,000 new points of interest have been added to the locations database, making it easier for you to search for specific places without entering individual city names.




    • Two additional widget sizes help you save space on your homescreen.
    • Update the displayed weather information quickly and easily by simply shaking your Android handset!
    • Radar and satellite images are now in higher-resolution and have better zoom functionality.

    WeatherPro for Android 1.1.2

    The latest update to WeatherPro for Android includes a number of small bug fixes and the following improvements:

    • Downloading weather data is now faster – a small progress wheel indicates when data is being downloaded.
    • The layout of the WeatherPro widget is improved and now includes a date display. A smaller 4x1 widget will follow in the next release.
    • The app has been generally modified and improved so that it now performs faster and more smoothly.
    • WeatherPro for Android now opens much quicker as the storage of the weather data has been optimised.
    • When WeatherPro opens it now displays the weather for your last location so you can view the latest weather without even having an internet connection.


    WeatherPro for Android 1.1

    • Widget: By popular request we have implemented the first WeatherPro widget providing a five day weather forecast.
    • App2SD: You can now move WeatherPro for Android 1.1 to your SD card helping to free up internal memory space on your phone.
    • Tablet Adjustments: Officially Android tablets do not support Android 2.2 or below but we have enhanced the WeatherPro visuals so that the app can be viewed on the popular DellStreak and Galaxy Tab without quality loss!
    • Graphics: WeatherPro for Android 1.1 introduces a number of tweaks to the graphics and, in particular, users will see improved quality for the animated radar and satellite images.

    WeatherPro for Android 1.0

    With version WeatherPro for Android 1.0 we released the following updates:

    Version 1.0.1: bug fixed to provide error-free operation on Android 2.2
    Version 1.0.2: small bugs fixed
    Version 1.0.3:

    • Wintertime: We fixed the problem which occurred after switching to wintertime. Also in the UTC-regions (Western European Time) data for the current hour is displayed now.
    • Danish Localisation: We added the setting, so that also in danish language all values and texts are displayed properly.
    WeatherPro for Android - Release 1.0
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