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    Press review:

    Nominated for iOS App of the Year!

    Nominated for iOS App of the Year!

    MacLife 10/2010:
    WeatherPro for iPad is recommended by MacLife.

    WeatherPro for iPad - MacLife 10/2010

    iPad Welt 04/2010:
    WeatherPro for iPad is one of the "Coolest iPad Apps".

    WeatherPro for iPad - iPad Welt 04/2010
  • Radar and Satellite Views

    The radar and satellite views display maps of the country or continent last selected on the location tab.

    To animate the view use the play, pause, fast forward and rewind controls. You can also scroll from side to side by dragging the map with your finger and zoom in by tapping the map or pinching it with two fingers.

    If you choose not to subscribe to Premium then these low resolution radar and satellite views are a great alternative to the high resolution maps. We also recommend using the radar and satellite if you’re out and about with a slow internet connection as the high resolution maps use a lot of data.

    For more detailed information on radar and satellite, please go to the Online Help section in “Settings” on your iPad.



    WeatherPro for iPad - Radar

    WeatherPro supports weather radar for the UK, USA, Australia, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Luxemburg, Scandinavia, Spain and Switzerland. Radar enables you to see precipitation (rain etc) and its intensity. On WeatherPro, yellow indicates weak precipitation whereas orange and red tones show higher intensities. The radar is updated every 15 minutes and you can overlay city names and borders by simply clicking the icon in the toolbar.

    WeatherPro Premium users benefit from forecast radar images and an additional radar view, which shows not only the intensity of the precipitation but also the type. 



    WeatherPro for iPad - Satellite

    Satellite images are taken by geostationary satellites every 15 minutes (some satellites only take three-hourly images). On WeatherPro you can animate the images, showing you the movement of the cloud over a given location. WeatherPro includes satellite for Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

    Unfortunately some regions of the world do not have satellite and radar cover. For these regions, the Radar and Satellite items will be inactive on your app.


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